Monday, October 3, 2011

Why I don't "make peace"

~ Not because I wasn't born during war or post a battle victory.

~ Not because my parents came from a hippie culture and generation that came ten years too late to the North East.

Right is the Daddyster! 

My mom was a pothead! 

~ Not because my name wasn't even remotely thought of as courtesy to Sir William Makepeace Thackeray.

~ Not because my name came from a TV sitcom

~ Not because my parents thought the female detective's character, Makepeace (surname) was cool (Just like in the 90's & in my tweens, I thought Buffy was cool! Thank God, I didn't have a baby then).

Badass Makepeace! 

~ Not because my name comes from a very old lineage of the English surname.

~ Not because my name has been murdered on more than several occasions that I sometimes almost wish that I was called Jo and alternately, Yo!

  • Make piece
  • Make peace (who the fuck gave the space in between in the first place?)
  • Cake piece
  • Maybe
  • Mouth piece
  • Magpie
  • Maggie
  • Make believe
  • Make love
  • Make war

~ Not at all because I get such results when I google my name (without the space, you genius!)

~ Especially because people presume I'd be soft spoken owing to my name.

...only because I do as and when I feel like and don't always make it apparent!

Disclaimer: No, I'm not obssessed with my name. People are always very intrigued by it just like I am with the Parsi surname Sodabottleopenerwala. This post is just to put their queries and sometimes, wild imaginations to rest.

At Last: Dempsey & Makepeace in real life hooked up & got hitched & remain so till today. Yes, you Bones/Castle fans can be optimistic after all! 


  1. This is fantastic writing makepeace!!!! fucking hilarious!!! I was on the floor laughing...loved it :) cakepiece :D

  2. Hahaha now I feel like an idiot for asking you all those questions. :oP

  3. Emjoyed the explanation very much! :) Deepa.

  4. Brilliant - thanks :) - I have wanted to ask and always remained polite :))


  5. You're so funny Make peace not war!

  6. I had seen your name before, think you are on the Second to None page(not sure?), but still I just had to click the link :). Nice to know the history behind the interesting name!

  7. Only if u delete dat f... word , apt pun and humour to ....nice