Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Break Up Compilation

Well I hope break up season's over and gone. For that matter, fuckin engagement season's on! But i don't do engagements nor shaadi, so someone else can make a compilation on that.

I've always been a sucker for break up songs ever since. The pain and anguish in them comes out more real than the joy or happiness from any love song. Love songs, off late, have become way commercial, compromising on real sentiments although there are some good ones out there. Feel free to share them on this space.

Thus, i present to you my ultimate break up song list. Its a very eclectic mix, where I haven't adhered to any single genre and i'm open to add songs from more diverse genres. So, again, if you can suggest something to this list, I would request you to do so. And if you cuss any of the songs in the list, then you probably haven't been through a break up or haven't coped well enough as yet. And it sucks both ways! :)

1. Coffee and cigarettes - Michelle Featherstone
This is the 'mother' of all break up songs with that overdose of self pity and despair yet ultimate realization of a very depressing truth.

2. What goes around comes around – Justin Timberlake
Yeah, a li'l 'loungy'. But if you have listened to the lyrics, you won't miss the bitterness and vengeance in the song. And what goes around does, indeed, come around. Yet, after a while, it doesn't even matter.

3. Almost lover – A Fine Frenzy
My recent discovery really. Its a kind of a 'girly' choice, i'll admit but very beautifully composed nonetheless. The honesty in the song will amaze you.

4. O saathi re – Kishore Kumar
Yes, over-the-top dramatic and sobby, or is it? Real life always beat reel life in drama, comedy or action. Though, it had a half comical effect on me.

5. I hate everything about you - Three Days Grace
Hatred, galore! Passion is the beauty of a relationship, but it can go either ways.

6. Oh darling – The Beatles
Any more that is said about this Beatles number will still be less. So just listen. And although the musical sucked, do check out the movie rendition of the song. The distortion in this song makes a great additive effect!

7. Separate ways – Teddy Thompson
A really slow no. and I don't expect most of you to like it but it struck with me very deeply.

8. So sick – Ne-Yo
Yes, ya'll have heard this one and prolly hate it by now. But its so classic, so it just had to be included.

9. Wish you were here – Kate Voegele
I don't know if too many people, in India i.e., know about this very young and talented artist. The show, One Tree Hill, launched her and her ferociously amazing voice really adds to the song, besides the lyrics.

10. I will survive – Gloria Gayner
There are moments when i just jump up from my seat and start dancing around my room for no good reason. It can be very therapeutic to indulge in such non-sensical but fun behavior. And this song helps you in doing just that, especially when you're in that sucky zone of hurting or healing.

11. Better than me – Hinder
Actually, the singer sounds like an asshole. He thinks he's being a bigger person even though he's hurting as much. But i still liked the song overall for something. You could tell me.

12. So yesterday – Hillary Duff
Don't be hating me for adding bubble gum pop to this list. I am the last person to try to make fun of someone during such a phase but just give a song a patient hearing. I suppose, its more a 'healer' so listen to it only after a certain phase. Sadness, too, gets monotonous you see after a while so you'll be amazed by the kinda shit you're up for. I simply like it for its lack of ‘wallowing in self pity’ and its spirit of moving on!

13. Without you - Hinder
Yeah, so I'm a Hinder fan! Good to end things on a good note and this song helps :)

Hope these songs helps the ones hurting or healing. The glass must look half empty now. Hope you get over it asap or patch up and enjoy the make up sex :P

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