Friday, February 27, 2009

And the Oscar goes to...

As an Indian, I have to be proud of the fact that Slumdog Millionaire took away most and the cream of the cake in the Oscars. However, as a movie critic and a cinematic lover, it was disappointing. I felt the same way even when A.R. Rahman won as I'm not the biggest fan of the OST of the movie either. But atleast he deserved it more than the movie.

Danny boyle did a great job with the direction, so no contentions in him taking away the Best Director. However, he did not make a movie so great to make it to the top. Call me crude but it almost felt like a racial uplift. I could be wrong and its probably for the better if I am.

But this bright eyed poster of a movie an unfortunate miss in the oscars with its only nominations being in the Best Supporting Actor and Best Costume category. Clearly, it deserved more adoration. Kate Winslet could have won hands down with this one, though I trust her acting enough to be worthy of winning for what she did. (memory failure!)

So in my li'l fantasy world where I solely represent the academy, I give away the Oscar for Best Movie to Revolutionary Road. For...its dramatic appeal...its cinematographic simplicity...its complex script, the meaning/essence of which with you and is much contemplated over...for how eerily real it felt as though you're witnessing it, not watching it. I sure have a lot more things to say as the movie provoked a lot in me and is definitely the best I have seen in 2008 and almost the best till date.

*standing ovation*

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