Thursday, September 1, 2011

Carrying All That Weight Around

I like to think I'm a bohemian artist in this generation of rat race and cut throat competition. That I'm 'Indie' and I'm only just competing with myself. Its true that it is me against myself in this world. That is, me and my ideas of being 'Bohemian' and 'Indie' versus the unresolved and perpetually stirred conflict within myself of the expectations I choose to adhere to and those I forego with high claims of individuality, principle and superior thought.

No one said that the twenties are a period of existential homeostasis. Then why the fuck are people pretending it is? And why the fuck doesn't anyone tell you how ugly it was going to get and why won't most of us admit to it? What are people done experimenting life "so fully" in their teens that the twenties are all about resolving to some sedentary concept of a suburban life? Fuck you. You went around with every Adam and Eve that barked up your tree at 16 and now you're claiming settlement at effin' 23?

Oh you go party every weekend with that safe & secure gang from your BBM, so its all good, eh? Fuck you! I agree that drinking is not the solution and that it makes you forget the question (which is just so 'effin awesome, I know!) but halt, you escapist! No, not from uninhibited drinking but believing that izz alll goood just 'cause you do that.

And don't lament some other fellow's miseries just to make yourself feel a tad more secure from your own! Empathy is a dying trait of this generation and will only be referred to merely as figurative speech by the end of this century.

Why am I so angry? Because I don't have what you do. That I don't project my imperfect life as going just as great as yours. Again, fuck you. No I don't but I'm not as angry about that as I am about all that is worth going outta the window and superficiality being the king of good times! 

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  1. You messed it up, it should be 'alcohol is not the answer, but it makes you forget the question'
    Schooled! B)