Monday, November 17, 2008

A wishlist

  1. to revolutionize sex education in India
  2. to start a movie therapy center
  3. to start a magazine or a journal with my friends
  4. to go on an African safari
  5. to holiday in Morocco
  6. to work for the U.N.
  7. to celebrate new years in Times Square
  8. to be a soccer mom to a daughter named 'Billie'
  9. to present my mom with a bulldog on her birthday
  10. to send my folks on a world tour (vacation abroad essentially)
  11. to publish an autobiographical graphic novel
  12. to do a cross country/continent trip; a backpacking honeymoon with my fiancĂ© 
  13. to start an online counselling portal
Not too unrealistic is it?


  1. lets start a movie therapy centre ! n i;l join u for the african safari as well!