Friday, April 8, 2011

Setting The Record "Straight"

A message I received on Facebook today.

Nk Kishord April 8 at 1:23pm Report
Read abt u in one of the mag- The Week if i remember correctly. Yr perception that people from north east are not welcome in other part of India - specially western part may not b entirely correct. i live in Mumbai and hv been seeing many from NE states working here happily. I hope u will change yr perception in times to come. by the way what is your NGO engaged in?? Best wishes -KISHOR
Makepeace Sitlhou April 8 at 2:33pm

Thank you for writing in. 

The situation in Mumbai and South India is different from North. And I and my family have mostly only stayed in Northern parts of the country, in particular Delhi where we have been located for the past 10 years now. Because the north is closer home, it is also more accessible to North easterners hence there's a greater migration rate towards places like Delhi and Chandigarh then Bangalore or Mumbai (although there have been increasingly shifts). North India has a very ghetto attitude towards North Easterners in a way of not only discrimination in treatment but they also perceive us as soft targets. This in turn perpetuates a ghetto like collectivity amongst the north easterners who find it safer and familiar to stick with each other. Hence the bridge only becomes greater!

People in the south, being a whole lot more civilized, are more accommodating and even friendly. Yet, I've seen mainlanders from there also rife with many stereotypes (which are limiting and unintentionally, even offensive) about us. 

Nevertheless, it is really good to know that the perception is becoming a lot more friendly and familiar about us. I personally don't endorse north easterners to be lauded as 'victims' and the 'marginalized' continuously. It really doesn't help our cause and I think what would more automatically shun any over assuming mainlander, is by proving our worth doubly! It is no discrete fact that many communities from the north east are still very socio-economically backward and listed under ST/SC under the constituition. Having said this, I still don't think its just or fair for us to receive the treatment and the narrow description we have been dis-positioned with!

Wow! You just brought out all my thoughts! :P



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