Friday, April 29, 2011

Take a Bow...

or well, just simply applaud. If nothing else, it wouldn't kill you to check if I have it in on my Flickr photostream.

For about a very short while, I have been enticed with the idea of pursuing photography as a serious hobby. 'Serious' denotes that I would heavily invest my time and resources into it but at the end of the day, it'd remain a hobby, not a professional priority.

Needless to say, its an expensive hobby. I'm sure I'm going to be investing a lot of my money (that should ideally go into this 'savings plan' for the BIG MOVE) on buying further requirements like lenses.

But from my trip to Leh/Ladakh, what I also realized was how much work it is in a day for an 'average' photographer. Especially, if you're using a DSLR and that too, Canon. So many changes and shifts in settings and modes to customize to the lighting, framing, angle, shooting etc. etc. I remember my hands were aching at the end of the day and my right eye being a li'l blurry in vision.

Moreover, the frustration that can come with it when your hands ache, your eyes are sore and you have like a 1000 odd pictures (and not even enough memory space for it!), and you just HATE all your pictures. Maybe one odd two could be a little consoling.

Nevertheless, the whole experience has been very fulfilling and one of growth as a person and as an artistic skill. I always tend to come up with these high flying plans for myself (just because I don't have a life otherwise!). Shooting street fashion was my less than humble, ambitious plan. It still is. I really don't think I can just as yet define what's 'my thing' as a photographer. Right now, I'm willing to shoot anything and everything from a cat licking its paws to stills of really random objects like 3 pin multi plugs. But I look forward to knowing what my thing is and its going to be such an exciting journey.

I'm not sure of how much potential and therefore, use will I be but I'd like to do pro bono photography. There really hasn't been anything so far that I was good at and willing to do for free (I'm not good at too many things so I like to hoard them for maximum gain!). Always went by the wise words, "If you'r good at something, never do it for free". But the purity of and the joy in giving and the warm glow you feel inside is worth much more than a few extra bucks.

So I take a bow to this amazing art, that is my new lease for life.

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