Monday, October 20, 2008

Grant the front door entry to the back door entry!

The latest on the appeal of the revision of the penal code for "unnatural" sex as reported by HT epaper continues on a hilarious (unintended) tune, unabated.

"The AIDS is already spreading in the country and if gay sex is legalised then people on the street would start indulging in such practises saying that the High Court has given approval for it", contended Additional Solicitor General P P Malhotra, appearing for the Centre.


Sir, gay sex in the country is already happening in the streets, homes and brothels (if i may add) and dare i say, although i need not, even before your clan was conceived. Legalizing gay sex will help homosexuals to come out of their stuffed closets and therefore with a definite account of their number we can proceed to curb the growing numbers of AIDS cases in the country.
The idea of the revision of the code is not to encourage gay sex, a choice that is highly individualistic. In fact, you could very well be doing it in your steamy moments. You cannot possibly have a legal code for bedroom positions now.
If the concern of the centre is grounded in healthy sexuality, I would still consider it an innocent mistake. But they still haven't figured out that its a matter of human rights and public health.

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