Monday, October 6, 2008

"Homosexuality & Widow remarriage: criminal offense" - HC & State Centre

I believe,

The method of selection in the civil services and all other Govt. services should be revised. In my knowledge, if you know the books and the papers by rote and can answer dubious questions that are apparently "witty", then you cut through to the most prestigious posts in the country. Not to say, any of this is easy.

But is there a section of the paper/interview on reasoning (rational, moral or logical)?

I dont believe so.

Because then lawmakers would not use baseless arguments in contending a position that may not be all so politically correct.

On the appeal of revision of IPC 377, that criminalizes all forms of unnatural sex incl. homosexuality, the centre replied, "Acts glorified in the past like dowry, domestic violence, widow remarriage have now been brought under the purview of criminal justice system, likewise practice of homosexuality or lesbianism is not accepted in our society."

Shocked at this statement, Justice Muralidhar remarked, "It is a pity to know with what casualness the affidavit has been drafted. Since when has widow re-marriage been a crime? And what is the relation between widow re-marriage and the problem at hand?"

I believe our society is progressing. i believe our economy is booming. but then at a paradox are the regressive realities like the one quoted above. In analogy, the country is a rubber band that is being pulled to heights of civilization on one end and the struggle to restore the medieval ages, on the other.

Its really just a tug of war and i cant help but say between the good and the bad (the good/bad being contextual). The home ministry exhausts its last reasonable contention in the concern for containing the HIV virus which infact is the same concern of the health ministry in decriminalizing homosexuality.

In the anticipation of an enlightenment on the rusty legal code, the petitioners are answered with a statement that brings them back to square one of their case.
I doubt if they will ever see the end of this long and winding tunnel of the criminal justice system.

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