Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hierarchical delusion

Dear Maslow,

I'm back to the level, in your pyramid, where I sought (to complete or for any) love/affection aka. my emotional needs.
Its ironic how I mentally praise your theory, however, find myself in loggerheads with it every time. Because mostly I'm operating to fulfill my physical comfort, much above everything. It is the foundation of all my "higher" needs. I cannot actualize (note: think) without lunch. Not that I always attain it, but I know for a fact that I cant. Hence, I dont even try and trying kills the natural effect of it.
Exceptionally though, this particular need has been much out of the purview because of the unfathomed and unfurnished subsequent need. And I dont feel normal. I mean I know I aint normal nowadays.
So in effect, the soundness of my mental health (happiness?) is negatively proportional to the errability of your theory (& vice versa). To add further confusion, I am able to actualize my thoughts. But not dispel in practice. Perhaps because the base is less attended to and the linking foundations are virtually absent or shaky (note: vulnerable).

Go figure. The theory, me or yourself!

the unpopular antagonist.

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